EstAlert Smart Smoke Alarm

EstAlert Smart Smoke Alarm

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The EstAlert Smart Smoke Alarm is like a polished diamond, transmitting an alarm message to your smartphone even when you are not at home at the moment. The sensor is equipped with the latest High Perfomance Dual light sensor, which detects real fire quickly. The body of the sensor is finished with heat-resistant premium grade plastic. Installation of the EstAlert Smart Smoke Detector is very easy and quick thanks to the special installation tape included. A barely noticeable detail in your home, the EstAlert Smart Smoke Alarm is significantly smaller and more compact in design compared to other smoke detectors.

High Perfomance Dual light source detection optical sensor detects fire quickly / Cooking fumes do not easily cause false alarms.
Transmission of alarm messages to a smartphone.
Mute function via App to cancel false alarm.
Insect-proof housing.
Install quickly and easily, no drilling required.
10 year warranty.
The High Perfomance Dual light optical sensor meets the highest level of fire safety standards in terms of its technology, quickly detecting a fire. The sensor of the sensor can distinguish food vapors from a real fire and thus the number of false alarms is reduced many times. The smoke detector performs self-diagnostics and notifies you when errors occur.

Alarm messages to the smartphone - the sensor needs a Wi-Fi network at home to work. By loading the tuya app on your smartphone and connecting the smoke detector to the wi-fi network, the sensor will send you a fire notification to your smartphone in the event of a fire. You can give each sensor a name, such as living room or kitchen. This way, you can get an accurate overview of which sensor has detected a fire at home from your smartphone. The sensor also signals a fire on the spot with an audio signal (85dB).

Tuya App - You can download the app for FREE from Google Play or App Store. Using the app is free. The app is in English.

Silence function - By pressing the test button on the smoke detector during an alarm, the detector will be silent for ten minutes. The sensor can also be silenced through the APP. If it turns out that it was a false alarm and there really isn't a fire, the smoke detector will automatically return to normal mode after 10 minutes. If there is still smoke in the room, the sensor gives an alarm signal again, but when the smoke has been eliminated, the device remains in the alert position. (Use only if you are sure that there is no real danger).

Insect-proof housing - The smoke detector's housing is equipped with a special high-quality metal mesh that prevents insects and larger dust particles from entering the sensor's housing, thus reducing false alarms by up to 95%.

Easy and quick installation - The base plate of the smoke detector is designed in such a way that it is convenient to attach the sensor to the base plate, Blind twist technology fastens the sensor to the base plate. You can fasten the sensor with the included 3M tape for installing the special smoke detector, and the set also includes screws/dowels for fixing the base plate of the sensor.

The sensor comes with a battery, batteries should be changed every 1-1.5 years. In addition to the usual notification, the smoke detector also informs about the emptying of the battery through the App.

The sensor uses the latest and highest quality technology. The 10-year lifespan of the EstAlert Smart Smoke alarm is fully covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

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