Jalo Helsinki 10 year Smoke Alarm LENTO

Jalo Helsinki 10 year Smoke Alarm LENTO

Brand: Jalo Helsinki
SKU: Lento
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* Color

Lento 10 is the same playful and wild, yet technically upgraded Lento smoke alarm with no battery changes ever needed.

The figurative and playful design is perfect for children’s room or as a spicy detail for home interior. Lento 10 is available in five different colors.


Installed Lithium battery will last the recommended lifetime of the product

Generally the smoke alarms are recommended to change in every 10 years. 
In the new Kupu 10 and Lento 10 there is no need to change the batteries 
within the recommended lifetime.

Lento Smoke alarm utilises photoelectric detection technology to sense smoke 
from different types of fires. Unit’s photoelectric (optical) detection method 
works by sensing infrared rays scattered by visible smoke particles.

The smoke alarm is equipped with a self diagnostic and checking feature to 
ensure correct operation through its service life. The device operates so that 
when the smoke is present, device will release a loud and continuous warning 
siren to alert residents. 

Jalo Helsinki Smoke alarms are tested and certified in EU.


No need for additional tools

Easy installation that only takes a minute. Remove the protective tape, press the smoke alarm to the ceiling and you are ready.

Also includes mounting screws

If it is not possible to install with the tape, there is also mounting screws for installation.


What's Included?

  • 1 x Jalo Helsinki LENTO10 Smoke Alarm
  • 2 x Screws & rawl plugs
  • 1 x Instruction manual

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